OUT 30 SEPT/5th Oct 2021

High upon the cliffs of a remote Scottish island, there is a lighthouse that has weathered storms for centuries.
Liv Stay has fled to the island, Lòn Haven, with her three daughters – Saffy, Luna and Clover – to escape truths she’d rather not face.
Lòn Haven was meant to be safe. But soon strange things start to happen. Haunting noises in the dead of night, animal skeletons left on Liv’s doorstep and strangest of all, unknown children at the lighthouse, who disappear without a trace.
The villagers say it’s the work of witches. They say that the children are dark omens, sent to destroy them. Liv doesn’t know what to believe. But within months, nine-year-old Luna will the only one of the family left.
Twenty years after that dark year on Lon Haven, Luna is still haunted by questions – what happened to her sisters, to her mother? To find out, she must return to the lighthouse on Lòn Haven, the one place she promised she would never revisit…


‘Right from the start, I was hooked on this eerie, cryptic novel. I don’t know how C.J. Cooke does it, but every time I pick up one of her books, I can’t stop reading until the last page’ Samantha Downing, Sunday Times bestselling author of My Lovely Wife

‘A gripping modern gothic thriller that is also a haunting depiction of witch trials, it is a wonderfully atmospheric and compelling novel’ Rosamund Lupton, Sunday Times bestselling author of Three Hours

‘A gripping meditation on terror and superstition’ Sara Sheridan

‘This book is SO good! I was completely gripped with the story of Liv and her daughters Saffy, Luna and Clover. Multiple narrators and time frames, family dynamics, siblings, witches; eerie but not scary. I mean, what is there not to love? This is C.J. Cooke’s best yet! A fascinating and enthralling read’ Nina Pottell, Prima

‘A complex and haunting story, beautifully told. It is such a brilliant take on Scotland’s witch trials of the 1600s, an inventive reimagining of the consequences of the imprisonment and murder of so many women. Tense, unsettling and ultimately incredibly moving’ Amanda Mason

‘This book grabbed me on the first page and didn’t release its grip until the last. With characters that feel like they live and breathe, an atmospheric setting and a plot that kept me guessing, all delivered in luminous prose, this is a flawless read. Underpinned by a story of the Scottish witch hunts, the themes remain starkly relevant today’ Elizabeth Lee

‘Seething with gothic menace, The Lighthouse Witches interweaves myth, superstition and history in a way which feels strikingly relevant and gripping Caroline Lea

‘Cooke manages to set a compelling timeshift mystery in a very real world, where believable people navigate authentic problems such as grief, parenting and peer pressure. The Lighthouse Witches is surprising and inventiveSarah Burton

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