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14th April 2011

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The Guardian Angel’s Journal

When Margot Delacroix dies at forty-two years old, she is sent back to earth as a guardian angel – to herself. Renamed Ruth, she is forced by divine mandate to re-experience and record her biggest mistakes and fiercest regrets from the beginning of her life to her untimely death.

Forced from the moment of her birth to witness the cogs of fate and the stuttering engine of free will, Ruth sets out to change the course of her life, and, ultimately, to prevent her premature death. When she realises that the reasons behind her teenage son’s descent into drugs and murder lay within her own actions as Margot, she makes a pact with a demon – she will give up her place in Heaven in exchange for the opportunity to save her son from his fate. But the changes she makes result in consequences no one could expect…


“Debut novelist Jess-Cooke, who lives in England, is a lovely writer; Ruth’s narrative voice is compelling. .. Jess-Cooke is one to watch.” – Publisher’s Weekly (starred review) (US)

“The book is written with a poet’s eye for language, and also emotional intensity. For the Niffenegger fans, or those who like their fiction slightly strange.” – The Sunday M (Australia)

“Jess-Cooke is certainly a skillful writer and this shines through on every page…. deserves to be read.” The Irish Independent

‘This is much more than a beach read and it deserves to be read; anyone who has ever lost someone will find comfort within its pages.’ – The Irish Independent

“An incredible debut novel… This is The Lovely Bones meets It’s a Wonderful Life. Fabulous.” – The Sun

“The new Audrey Niffenger.” – Company Magazine

“The Guardian Angel’s Journal is a powerful novel from a talented new voice….hotly tipped to be one of the biggest books of 2011.” – Living North


The Guardian Angel’s Journal is available in over 20 languages. Below is a selection of international editions.

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