Durham Book Festival event


My residency at the Northern Poetry Library has now come to an end.

It’s been a great project. I worked with two groups – a school and a community group, both in Northumberland, UK – over a period of months, running writing sessions and then finally putting together group poems for the anthology, as well as writing my own commissioned piece. I chose to do a sequence of poems on the Northumberland-born social activist, Josephine Butler, one of which is now being exhibited at Woodhorn Museum as both a visual and aural piece.  You can read one of the poems here.


image1 image2


There were 6 poets in residence throughout Northumberland, as shown above (L-R: Linda France, Degna Stone, Jo Colley, me, John Challis and Lisa Matthews) and we are doing an event at the Durham Book Festival on Sat 15th Oct, 4.30-5.30pm. It would be great to see you there so PLEASE COME!