Currently in Crete

As the title of this post states, I’m in Crete and so this will be brief, but I wanted to touch base and write about what I’m doing out here. A few months back the Society of Authors was kind enough to give me a K Blundell Award, which funded a wee research trip out here in Crete, which is where half my novel-in-progress takes place. I’ve been researching mostly the sensory experience that my character would have here, the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds that need to be accurate in the book, and which help me get to know her better. I had researched a lot online, but I’m so glad I decided to actually come here in person. It completely enhances the depth of the writing (at least, I’m hoping that’s the case) and has actually given me greater insight into the other characters of the book, too. Added to that is the advantage of writing in the actual place where the book is set – it makes the story come alive. And I mean, just look at how gorgeous it is:

chania, crete


Today I’ve been writing by the pool, which is a real treat. Soon it’ll be back to porridge – schools runs, juggling writing with everything else – but I feel I’ll be taking a lot of ideas back with me.